How much will this cost?

According to Remodelling Magazine’s 2015 cost vs value report the average cost to replace 10 vinyl windows in a mid-range home around $11,198 and we price our top of the line vinyl windows well below this national average and offer all types of financing to help with the cost.

If you spend $10,000 on replacement windows and decide to sell your home, you are likely to get between 80%-110% of that investment back. 
Say you spend $3,000-$4,000 on heating and cooling costs every year. If you replace your windows with more energy efficient window, you will likely save about 20% - 35% or more on your heating and cooling bill. That is money back in your pocket!

How long does an average ten window install take?

A standard ten window install will usually only take one day. We leave your home just as clean as if we were never there. The only difference is brand new, beautiful and energy efficient windows where your old ones once were.

Are there tax credits?

Yes, there is a tax credit available which all of our windows qualify for from $200-$500

What are some of the benefits of new energy efficient windows?

Your new windows can drastically improve your homes curb appeal, along with greatly reducing outside road noise! And the previously mentioned energy efficiency and increasing your homes re-sale value.

Why replace my old windows?

Old windows sometimes have dangerous lead paint which is harmful to young children and adults alike! We are a fully lead-safe and certified company, license number LSR-228034.

There are several other reasons to replace those old windows: cracked, un-operable, drafty wind, they let bugs in, inefficient, noisy streets, and many more reasons!